Take the less congested highway.

The M-580 barge service is the faster, cheaper alternative to trucking containers between Oakland and Stockton.

The M-580 barge container service...

Creating economic growth in California through freight movement on the Marine Highway.

With the M-580 your business can...

Reduce costs, improve logistics and relieve congestion.


The M-580 barge container service eliminates hidden costs and delivers real results. See more benefits of the M-580.


Learn more about how the M-580 is part of a long-term strategy for how the Port will move more freight in the future.


What days will the barge sail? What is the cost? Get answers to the most frequently asked questions about the M-580.

M-580 Barge Container Service versus Current System

The current system of transferring containers from the Port of Oakland to the Central Valley of California is wrought with problems. Loaded containers carrying lucrative cargo move at a snail's pace along Interstate 580 - one of the most congested roads in the nation.

Meanwhile, hundreds of thousands of empty containers must return to the Port of Oakland to be interchanged only so they can be made available to export shippers back in the Central Valley. Loads and empties pass each other on the highway - wasting time, costing money and precious resources, and polluting California skies. Transportation accounts for 40 percent of California's annual green house gas emissions.

Additionally, shippers tie up working capital by maintaining excess land for container storage, paying demurrage, and risking shipping delays and equipment shortages.

The M-580 eliminates hundreds of miles that containers must travel empty, reduces your container storage costs and demurrage, eases scheduling and equipment shortages, and delivers on your schedule.

The California Green Trade Corridor

A transportation choice that:

  • • Reduces transportation costs and frees up working capital
  • • Eases scheduling and equipment shortages
  • • Creates a "green" supply chain
  • • Provides jobs in 2 communities.

The M-580 service will move your containers on barges between the ports of Oakland and Stockton on the Stockton Deep Water Channel, reducing traffic congestion while improving air quality.

As a safer and ecologically sustainable way to move goods via container from the central valley, the M-580 container on barge service can eliminate more than headaches from the roadway.